Thank you…

”TenThere is a lot to be thankful for, if you don’t obsess about the pain in the assness that is life. This weekend is Father’s Day. As the oldest child woke us up at 2 am this morning I turned to my husband and said, well you wouldn’t be able to celebrate Father’s Day without her.

Here are 10 other things to be thankful for this Father’s day:

10. That my brother is gullible enough to believe that Father’s day is meant to be spent showering his wife with attention since she gave him the greatest gift ever.

9. That Boo drove in the Jeep without throwing her shoes out of it.

8. That Abby has exactly six and ONE HALF DAY left of fourth grade math

7. That we took Jampa Joe’s breath away by sending him flowers, to his office on Friday for Jampa’s Day.

6. That David’s wish for Father’s Day was to take a walk and end up in an Irish Pub.

5. That living in a small town means during a town birthday party Abby will shout out hey that’s not Mrs. B walking with Mr. B other townsfolk will chuckle and say, no that’s his mother. This is also how small-town rumors get started.

4. That when my world got rocked, again, I had friends there to hold me up. 

3. That we raised $3,000 for Boston Children’s Hospital this hospital that saved my Boo’s life.

2. That Abby has an aunt and uncle who took her to see Maleficent so I didn’t have to go.

1. That I have this man, the father of my daughters who drives me nuts but makes me laugh all at once.

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