I wish

Dear Abby,
Today you started fifth grade. I’m amazed by you. You still retain the little girl I love as you grow into a preteen. You are not perfect, but neither am I. Although I wish you were not such a picky eater I know that, like me, you will one day eat a meal without me saying JUST TRY IT.
In other ways you are too perfect. It is like you were created just for me. You make me laugh. Although you refuse to make your bed, you make Boo’s for her every morning. 
I am amazed by your kindness, your patience and your Abby-ness. 
You astounded me at Welcome Back Night at your school. When Boo was upset because you were going off with your friends, you came back. You took your sister by her hand and introduced her to everyone you saw. You navigated stairs (and I am sure stares) with your sister. You took her to the bathroom and assisted her. I do not know any other child your age that would help their sibling in the bathroom. Or include her with your friends. Help her drink out of a water bottle or hold a piece of pizza that she wants to eat but refuses to touch.
You made my heart swell ten sizes too big when I overheard you say, this is just what big sister’s do.

What amazes me is that I never have to ask. EVER. You just do what you do. I do not know what Boo did to get such a fantastic big sister. But I am very thankful.
As you grow you continue to amaze me. I love that you still want to hold my hand. That you still need me. Too soon I know the day will come when I will embarrass you with more than just my killer dance moves. I worry about that day. The day when you are no longer mine.
I want you to know how special and unique you are. How proud I am of you. When I see you interact with adults and your peers. You have kindness within your soul and you never hide it.
Thank you for all that you are. As you enter fifth (gasp!) grade I have five wishes for you:
1.   That you surround yourself with friends like you. Friends that are kind, forgiving and have empathy.
2.   That you do not fall into the tween trap of boys, music and makeup before you are ready.
3.   That you remember it is okay to march to your own beat.
4.   That you keep one foot in the magic and one foot in the discovery.
5.   That you hold my hand just a little longer.


12 thoughts on “I wish

  1. Anonymous

    oh Kerri, this brought tears to my eyes. I think she will be ready for #2 before you are and especially before David is. Your great parenting shows through Abby and Boo.


  2. Dana @ Kiss my List

    You have an amazing kid, but you know that! I had the same wishes for Gwen when she was Abby's age, and I can tell you that she still will hold my hand. May all of your wishes for both of your girls come true, Kerri.


  3. K

    I can't believe I missed this post!!

    As far as the picky eating goes — I was a picky eater too! I still can be kind of choosy when it comes to what I'll put on my plate, but I remember telling my mom that once I was off on my own, I would forgo all vegetables in favor of candy. 😉 In reality, on my first day of freshman year at college, I looked down at my dinner plate and realized that I had included each of the food groups (including vegetables!) in my meal. So I agree — we definitely become less picky as we get older!

    And I love how Abby is such an amazing sister to Boo. I love that she came back for Boo and helped her out. Wow. There just aren't words. I want to thank her for not worrying about how her peers would perceive her, for coming back to help her sister. That really does mean a lot — to Boo, I'm sure, but also to every person out there with a disability.

    She says that this is just what big sisters do, but I don't think all big sisters of her age would be so kind and helpful. She is exceptional.

    And she will ALWAYS be yours. I'm 20 years old and, while I may be embarrassed by my mom's killer dance moves too (LOL), she's one of my best friends.

    I love the wishes that you have for her. I hope you share them with her.

    Thank you for raising such an amazing daughter. xo



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