This week

Today I am very thankful. So thankful I am participating in the Ten Things of Thankful hosted by Lizzi

1. I am thankful for the friends who got what I was trying to say when I spewed venom earlier this week. That I would not trade Boo for the world but once in a while life becomes too much.

2. For Walt Disney & Company, I understand not one more parent wants to hear Let it Go but to see Boo’s face as she watched the Ice Show? Magic. Pure Magic.

3. For sisterly love.

4. That more people got the humor of Helicopter parent than were offended. Come on people lighten up, life is too short!

5. The I Run 4 group for their dedication and willingness to provide emotional support for families.

6. For M&M’s. Lame, maybe. But they are important to my state of mind. The fact that I can just eat three and provide amusement to others is an added bonus.

7. For older sisters willingly giving up their toys to their younger siblings.

8. For the friend that took Abby for a weekend of one-on-one attention. 

9. For this video right here that shows Abby is not the only sibling who loves unconditionally. 

10. And lastly, for this moment. This moment right here when Boo was a just a little girl in love with princesses and castles. 

The fact that she just tells us to OME ERE and look at the castle and not really play with it doesn’t matter. That she just holds the three punsel (Rapunzel) Barbies stolen from her sister, meaningless. What I see here is a little girl who loves Princesses just like her older sister did. That she made Abby bring this up from the basement and place it just so in her room. That Boo WANTED this castle, relayed it to her sister and made it happen. 

Some Milestones are different than others. This one is pretty freaking cool to me. That Abby grabbed my phone to capture it, amazing and so grateful my girl is so wonderful. 

Both of them.


11 thoughts on “This week

  1. Sylvia Phillips

    That is cool that Boo found something she liked and made it happen and cool that Abbey got how important it was to her. I know that when Bethany shows an interest in anything other than watching Barney it's a call for celebration and we stop what ever we are doing in amazement!


  2. Zoe Byrd

    my brother use to leave the middles and ends of things off… “Wait a minute” would turn into “Wayant” I guess he shortened things up… THat Boo… I love the dimple! such a pretty kiddo!


  3. Chris Carter

    AW!!! Such a beautiful list of thankfuls Kristi!!! Everything on it is perfect. I love that last picture and all you encapsulated in it!! Precious. Actually I love everything about this post…. sisterly love is precious too. Your girls are precious!!!


  4. Lizzi R

    Ohhh this is lovely, and what a great photo to end it with. The icing on the cake. Things will always be different but that doesn't mean that some of them won't be mostly the same 🙂

    Now then – what's so funny about you eating three M&Ms?


  5. Chronicallysickmanicmother

    Some milestones are so subtle only a mother can see how monumentous ( i don't know how to spell that and google says it doesn't exist, there fore I make my own words. ) they are.

    Spew out the poison is much better then bottling it up. Spew it out and leave it behind. A great cleansing.


  6. Sandy Ramsey

    Your girls are both so beautiful. Boo's smile is amazing and I'm so happy that she loves princesses. I miss the princesses! Milestones are most definitely different..for everyone. And just so you know, you're not the only one grateful for M&Ms.



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