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All kids have milestones that are not in the what to expect (not!) handbook.  New moms and dads dream about the first “momma”, the first fish caught and the first time their screaming newborn sleeps through the night.

There are however other milestones they are not aware of and some even I never expected.
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This photo….

When I look at this photo, I remember Abby telling her kindergarten class that her new sister was in the hospital (again) but she was going to be home soon.


When I look at this photo, I remember Abby telling her first grade class that there was nothing wrong with her sister. That Bridget just threw up a lot so if you want to be near her make sure you are not wearing nice clothing. White would be a good choice because then you can use bleach. Continue reading

The Sibling

I once had “the talk” with Abby. No, not THE TALK. The online world talk. She (like her dad) thinks the internet is the devil and has no wish to be on the social media world some of us call life.

Now I am breaking the rules we set, because it is important. Also she is not online so she will never know,right? Continue reading

Dear Bridget

Dear Bridget,

Holy crap you are SEVEN years old today. TODAY. You, my love and my light, are an incredible girl.


This year you have done so much more than I ever expected.

You give the best hugs and have the sweetest smile.

You have the evilest laugh when you take your sister’s headband and run around the counter.

You have charmed more stickers out of the receptionist at therapy than any other child.

You are full of sass, and I mean sass. Continue reading

I have two kids and two parenting styles

Today I am so very honored to be featured on SheKnows Media,  discussing how when you have your first child, they are barely out of the womb before someone will ask when they will have a sibling. I would always say never. I could not imagine sharing the love I had for this child — nor having the patience to deal with another one. For years, I was told I would love both children equally but differently. Five years later when — surprise! — that second child was born, I finally understood what “equal but different” love meant.

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This week

Today I am very thankful. So thankful I am participating in the Ten Things of Thankful hosted by Lizzi

1. I am thankful for the friends who got what I was trying to say when I spewed venom earlier this week. That I would not trade Boo for the world but once in a while life becomes too much.

2. For Walt Disney & Company, I understand not one more parent wants to hear Let it Go but to see Boo’s face as she watched the Ice Show? Magic. Pure Magic.

3. For sisterly love.

4. That more people got the humor of Helicopter parent than were offended. Come on people lighten up, life is too short!

5. The I Run 4 group for their dedication and willingness to provide emotional support for families.

6. For M&M’s. Lame, maybe. But they are important to my state of mind. The fact that I can just eat three and provide amusement to others is an added bonus.

7. For older sisters willingly giving up their toys to their younger siblings.

8. For the friend that took Abby for a weekend of one-on-one attention. 

9. For this video right here that shows Abby is not the only sibling who loves unconditionally. 

10. And lastly, for this moment. This moment right here when Boo was a just a little girl in love with princesses and castles. 

The fact that she just tells us to OME ERE and look at the castle and not really play with it doesn’t matter. That she just holds the three punsel (Rapunzel) Barbies stolen from her sister, meaningless. What I see here is a little girl who loves Princesses just like her older sister did. That she made Abby bring this up from the basement and place it just so in her room. That Boo WANTED this castle, relayed it to her sister and made it happen. 

Some Milestones are different than others. This one is pretty freaking cool to me. That Abby grabbed my phone to capture it, amazing and so grateful my girl is so wonderful. 

Both of them.


Lessons Learned

I read a fantastic post from Eli at Coach Daddy the other day. So wonderful I decided to steal  ahem, borrow  ahem, use it for inspiration. Lessons he learned from the most valuable source ever: his children. It made me think, as much as I have tried to teach my girls, the lessons I have learned from them are immeasurable.

Lesson 1: Seeing the magic in the world. Abby, at 10, is still enthralled with fairies, sprites, Christmas elves and witches (the good kind). She will spend hours making fairy houses in the backyard. She will stop in wonder to show Boo a pattern on a tree. She will look in puddles and see a rainbow. Where I will charge forth through the woods, Abby takes her time to admire the magic that is a butterfly dancing on the flowers. As a parent you never forget seeing the look of wonder on their face when they meet a Princess.

Lesson 2: Seeing the beauty in the world. All parents have been the recipient of the bouquet of dandelions.   I hate yard work. As in despise it and wish I could convince David just to pave the entire yard.  Yellow weeds had sprung up in my daisy patch. In the middle of pulling them,  Abby stopped me and said: BUT THEY ARE GORGEOUS. So they stayed. 

Lesson 3: Slowing down. I race every where. I do not casually walk into the grocery store, I speed walk throughout the experience. I find myself doing this at home. Racing up and down the stairs, into the laundry room, doing whatever. One day Boo took my hand and said: SIT ERE. Just that, sit down mom. She sat down next to me and just looked around. Not at anything in particular. Just took a moment to sit. We sat for a few minutes, she said ALL DONE. I have learned to walk at their pace.

Lesson 4: How siblings should treat one another. I admit to not being the perfect older sister. Ever. My relationship with my siblings is, well…complicated. When I look at my girls though I see how it should be. That sibling love is unconditional. It is accepting one another as is, no qualifier. That every time you see one another, whether it was five minutes or eight hours ago you greet one another like this…

Lesson 5: How to forgive. It amazes me, how quickly you can get over hurt feelings. If I have snapped at Abby (or her at me). If I mix up the girl’s lunches. If I forget an important event. If I show up at a birthday party a day early, at the wrong house. I am forgiven every evening before it is time for a good night kiss.

What lesson have you learned from your children? Join me in stealing Eli’s prompt.