Putting your money where voice is….

Today is Voting day here in Massachusetts. There are many who think why bother?

I’m not sure if your realize this, but I am a tad outspoken. Just a bit, mind you. But one of my biggest pet peeves is a person who complains but does nothing to change their circumstances. Especially when it comes to politics.

We live in a small community, one that has a small-town government. Unlike a city-wide election, we have weekly meetings with our Selectman, School Committee and others.  Way back in 2002 I decided that if I was going to complain about our town I should do something about it.

I ran for Town Selectman. I lost in a landslide victory to the incumbent. 

It was a great experience and one I don’t regret. I realized that one person can have a voice in a town, if you are willing to be vocal. I also learned I will never run again. I am just not cut out for people coming up to me in the grocery store and asking why this or that happened.

I encourage all of you this voting season, to get involved. You have a voice, whether your realize it or not. You can start a grassroots campaign, you can start a social media group that can affect change that matters to your ideals. 

It is more than talking to your friends, it is changing the world for those you leave behind. There is a reason why incumbents win, they show up. They are willing to talk louder than you (although in my case the better person definitely won!). 

A friend of mine started a Facebook group when our town was in upheaval regarding our schools. She made effective change by keeping the discourse civil and informative. She made a difference. One person rallied a town and affected change. 

If you want to change your town, your state, your country there is a way to do so: get involved. Stay involved. Think outside the box and stand by your convictions. 

Look at all the advocacy groups we have, they make a difference. But it takes everyone to work towards a goal. What’s yours?

And before you tell me you don’t have time, let’s compare schedules. Kidding! However in all seriousness, involvement can be as little as putting stamps on a letter to standing in front of a crowd.

It can be as simple as getting out and making your vote.


2 thoughts on “Putting your money where voice is….

  1. Autism Mom

    Thank you for a great message! Whenever anyone complains about the government I always ask if they voted and when was the last time they called their representative’s office or wrote a letter. Just sitting and cursing and the television results in nothing. 🙂



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