How I Faced My Kid’s Issues With Holiday Gifts (guest post)

Today I am honored to be a guest blogger at Special Needs Essentials.

Special Needs Essentials Blog

Today we are delighted to share Kerri’s thoughts on holiday gifts for children with special needs. Kerri Ames is the mom of two beautiful children, one with PACS1, a rare genetic syndrome that causes intellectual disabilities. She writes about how living with a child who has special needs changes a family, in the good way. You can learn more about Bridget and her family’s journey at Undiagnosed but Okay.


“Holidays are supposed to be fun for kids, right? They are supposed to be excited to see Santa, anxiously waiting for the Menorah, running down that precious morning to see all their relatives and the gifts they will bring them.

Except with Bridget it is not that magical experience, quite frankly it is torture.

Santa sends Bridget into a full-flown panic attack. Seriously, she walks up to the Santa figurine in the living room and will tell him ALL DONE…

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