TBT–What is something your child is REALLY good at?

Today’s Throw Back Post was originally published on 12-FEB-2013 after receiving Bridget’s latest IEP report.

Last week I was reading Boo’s IEP progress report (trust me, not as funny as the preschool progress report). It was kind of depressing (more on that later) but what struck me is how they set certain goals for Boo and when she doesn’t obtain them they focus (of course) rewording the same goal to make it effective.
Here is what I thought though, wouldn’t it be nice if we could center a report on what Boo is good at and then add to it what she needs to work on. Instead of writing by 1/1/13 Boo will stack a tower of blocks without assistance or prompting, say…

Boo is really great at banging blocks together. We will work with Boo to show her how to stack them in a tower and then knock them over. I would like this goal because Boo really likes knocking stuff over. So it would play on her strengths, right?

So in my typical crazy way my mind works at 3am I thought of other things Boo is quite good at that will never make it onto her IEP. For instance:

  • Boo is the best hugger in the world. No offense to any of your children (or even Abby) but Boo would win the award. She hugs with her whole body and you feel comforted even when you are comforting her.
  • Boo doesn’t make messes. Sure she doesn’t realy play either. But focusing on the positive, her room is spotless. Unlike her sister’s.
  • Boo doesn’t hold a grudge. You (or more aptly, me) can ruin her morning one minute by brushing her hair. But after the brush is put away she is all smiles and hugs. I could learn from her there!
  • Boo is a champion eater. This is a huge accomplishment for a girl who was in feeding therapy for almost a year. A little warning, like a cute puppy Boo would rather eat from your plate than hers!
  • Boo is a puppy whisperer. Crazy puppy is crazy for everyone but Boo. She just has to come near and he lays at her feet. I need to learn that trick.
  • Boo can make adults to the strangest things. Recently at a party she had a grown man running around the house all because she said “run” and he understood her.
  • Boo is stubborn. She is works at a skill for months never giving up until she masters it.
  • Boo makes every day brighter just by being Boo.

What about your child? What are they really good at, something that will never make the IEP but should?

18 thoughts on “TBT–What is something your child is REALLY good at?

  1. Kristi Campbell

    I think this is a brilliant idea! Just by changing the wording, our IEP's could be so much less stressful. And you should totally post a video of Boo being the puppy whisperer. That is amazing and so cool. I got the warm fuzzies when you said that she's the best hugger. Awww…she LOOKS like she's the best hugger! 🙂
    Tucker is really good at running laps in the house. Around and around and around (who cares if it's a stim?)… I totally think that should be on his IEP because isn't it a motor skill? I mean, seriously!


  2. Big brother, Little sister.

    I find it so bizarre that worldwide we all despise how IEP etc are done but that nothing changes! So deficit based and generally stupid in my opinion! We set goals at school ( we meet 4 times a year) as basically they have to for funding but I always want to steer away from physical academic goals and concentrate on being a functioning member of society with good morals kindness.
    Boo you are great! Keep being you!


  3. Big brother, Little sister.

    Oh and Cooper is very good at creative writing. Yesterday's was ” on the weekend, mum pushed me into the pool. I sank down the bottom and it scared the absolute crap out of me “……. I was teaching him water safety by the way and his teacher told him off for saying crap even if it was as clear as day in front of the class! 😉


  4. Alana Terry

    I love that question Kerri. I was blessed to have an early intervention lady start every single one of our weekly meetings with that very question. Your cutie sounds amazing. Who doesn't want a little girl who gives amazing hugs? Silas is great at memorization. He's also got great comedic timing without even knowing it. Keep on being a great, positive mom. Hope the ILP works out for you guys.


  5. Maya

    love these! i have a special place in my heart for stubborn 🙂 M gives the best snuggles and J gives these hugs that we call starfishing because his arms and legs wrap around you. J makes the best pouty faces and M is a big help when it's time to cook.


  6. Rachel

    LOVED this post! My daughter has a very good memory as well as an ear for music (as far as we can tell she has perfect pitch!) What a great idea to list their strengths and I enjoyed reading about your sweet girl! =)


  7. Michelle

    Great list! I got so tired of that stacking blocks goal on Kayla's IEP. After stacking 3 it moved up to 6 or 9 and stayed on there throughout her ECI days. Could it have ever been that Kayla was just NOT INTERESTED in stacking blocks? Seriously! I don't think I ever enjoyed stacking/playing w/blocks when I was a kid!



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