If only…

If only there could be a conversation, rather than a debate about gun control. Let’s take the politics out of the conversation. Instead of having talking points designed to “stir up the base” what if both sides just took a moment and created a dialogue. If only we took out the extremes and found the middle ground. Imagine instead of reading this:

Pro-Gun Control: The NRA is killing your children and we must ban all guns
Anti-Gun Control: The Liberals are taking your guns and your children will be killed

Neither statement is true, in my opinion.  The Pro/Anti monikers could be interchangeable with Anti-Gun and Pro-Gun ownership.  Let’s take off the labels and consider instead the conversation went like this:

Person: I’m concerned about the amount of gun violence in our country. I feel there must be something we can do, as a society, to make our homes/schools/towns safer.
Person: I’m concerned about that as well (aside–who wouldn’t be?).

Imagine how the conversation would progress if we started as common stakeholders in our community’s safety?


Person: I need my gun for hunting.
Person: I understand, I admire you for being part of a healthy ecosystem and believe it is a more ethical way to eat then just picking up some hamburger at the grocery store.  I just cannot do it myself (which is why my chicken comes in a nice package).

Imagine the discussion we could have about hunting, resources and how our food supply is really maintained.


Person: I don’t want to own a gun. I just want regulations on those who have them, so that I know my child is safe when visiting their home.
Person: You shouldn’t have to own one. I do believe in having a gun to protect my home and family. I abide all laws and my guns are kept in a safe, secure location.

Imagine if the conversations started there, that you do not/do want to own a fire arm but both believe in common-sense regulations.


Person: Why is it that you need a gun license to purchase a firearm but not the bullets you put in the gun?
Person: You are right, that doesn’t make sense.

Imagine if the conversation started there, a discussion about how some of the gun laws just do not pass the common sense test?


Person: The 2nd Amendment protects my right to have a firearm. I believe it was written so the government would not have all the power.
Person: I believe that the 2nd Amendment was written so that we could maintain a well-armed militia at the State level to protect against Federal interference.

Imagine if we had a real discussion about 2nd Amendment and how it pertains to “personal” firearms versus those of a militia. Think of the change that could come about if we agree with the premise that the 2nd Amendment does not mean without regulation and oversight.


If only the debate did not begin with:

Lobbyist: Ban all guns
Lobbyist: You are not taking my guns

If only we stopped seeing each side as combatants in the debate regarding gun control and we moved the conversation to an interest based bargaining approach. One where each side of the merits of the other’s opinion. Where we worked together to find an equitable solution to gun violence.

If only there didn’t have to be one more post about gun violence.

After the most recent school shooting, our President told us it would be up to us, all of us, to make our legislatures listen to us. That is our responsibility to bring about nation-wide change to how guns are controlled. I reached out to bloggers and we joined together to not let the conversation disappear with the next news cycle.  This issue affects every one of us: gun owners and those who believe in the right to bear arms and those who are anti-gun and those who just believe in reasonable measures.

On Oct 21, 2015, many bloggers were able to join me, in using our blogs to be our voices in ending gun violence. We wanted to start a conversation of both sides of the issue to find common ground and most importantly a common solution. Many could not participate, as this subject is controversial and “hot”. That bothers me, that a topic of our community’s safety can be so controversial we are afraid to even broach the topic. I understand why they couldn’t, but it saddens me.

If only we could have a conversation about gun control, whatever your viewpoint without fear.

Last night we had one more school shooting. Now, people is the time when we have to come together and make our society safer.

This is how I Finished the Sentence, Now, people…along with my co-host Kristi.

10 thoughts on “If only…

  1. K

    Thank you for approaching this issue with such levelheadedness (not that I would expect any less from you!)! Your perspective is refreshing. I agree that the gun control issue is a difficult one, made even harder because people just won’t listen to each other. Are you considering running for president anytime soon? because I would vote for you. 😉


  2. thelatchkeymom

    Great job Kerri. Your passion shines through your post. And your successful call to rally bloggers is inspirational. I’m proud of you. I didn’t participate for a number if reasons. I grew up in and curently live in a house divided on the topic, and in the South. Georgians love their guns. And honestly, I’m a flip flopper. My opinions on gun ownership are always changing, they’re evolving. As such. I don’t know what to write or say with passion, but I do want to listen to the conversation.


  3. Roshni

    Oh wow! If only people talked as sensibly!!! It’s so frustrating to see that people actually do have more in common, yet will persist on taking their differences to greater heights!
    I do hope this wonderful cause of yours will lead to a better dialogue!


  4. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    I’m so glad you’re doing this. So glad because yes, it begins with conversations. I don’t want to take away everybody’s guns. I do want to know my son is safe at school. That I am safe in parking lots. Thank you.


  5. myzania3350

    Thank you! Maybe I’ll reblog this one instead, with a link to the other one(s). As you say you’re not the only one (who I’m following) who’s talking about it. 🙂


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