The Kitchen Table

There are so many subjects that are very difficult to talk about. Most of us remember being told never to talk politics or religion with friends–it is probably the fastest way to be unfriended. I admit to hating that concept; to even have the idea that we cannot talk about issues. I believe that fear of discourse leads to polarization.

Yet I know I am guilty of that thought process.  There are many topics I won’t even broach with my husband because I know we cannot have a reasonable discussion.  Instead we will each take to our corners and refuse to give an inch. We are always so sure that we are right (hint: I usually am!–Kidding!). 

When I attempted to create a dialogue with other bloggers to promote responsible gun ownership, many of us were vilified on social media.  There were some, more than others, that received such hatred directed to them; for nothing more than a blog post. I felt defeated. That I had somehow set these fabulous bloggers up for a social-lashing (is that a thing?) they didn’t deserve. Then a friend put it in perspective for me:

How did that conversation go with your husband?

Truthfully, not well.  He refused to see my point of view. I became angry and hurt and left the conversation. We could not even agree to see the other’s point of view because we could not get out from under our own opinions. (I still say I was being reasonable!). No matter how hard we tried, we just could not see eye to eye. As the discussion turned to a heated debate, we decided to end it. We both feel we are responsible gun owners, after all. It’s not like I am anti-gun versus his pro-gun. Rather it is I am more pro-laws and he is more of the we have enough laws mindset.

I don’t know what the answer is, to create meaningful dialogue about responsible gun laws. If I cannot have that discussion at my kitchen table, how can I have it with our Nation? Yet I find I cannot find myself walking away from at least attempting the dialogue. I do not believe we should ban guns, I just believe we should have common sense laws. Why is that conversation so polarizing?

Another school shooting happened on Sunday. Another mother lost her child due to gun violence.

We must keep the conversation for nation-wide gun regulations. Even if it means having the debate across our kitchen tables.

3 thoughts on “The Kitchen Table

  1. Sandra

    I’m kinda shocked that it created so much controversy among bloggers. Although I didn’t write a post, I traveled the blogosphere reading the opinions and most (not all) had the mentality that guns should have more stringent laws attached to them, but most were not totally against gun ownership. Well, I hope your husband sees that you are right…the wife is always right 🙂

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  2. kellylmckenzie

    Wow. Hang in there, Kerri. I so admire your push for common sense laws. As a Canadian, I am no longer able to sit back and be the smug “don’t have that problem or concern up here!” We have multiple shootings now as well.



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