It’s love…

Love, we all want it. Some of us don’t realize how much we need it. I know I need reminders that love comes in different moments of my life. Sometimes I have to take a moment and give thanks for the love I am so very lucky to have in my life.  

Love–the kind that is shown in my daily e-mails with Lisa. E-mails full of the trivial, the venting and the being there for you even though we are separated by 400 miles it feels like we are back in junior high and sitting next to one another in Mrs. Haight’s science class.

Love–the kind that is shown when a stranger gives me a smile across a restaurant filled with understanding as Bridget has a meltdown.

Love–the kind that is shown by Lauren running in the woods with me, not because zombies are chasing us but because she joined you in a goal and will not let you fail.

Love–the kind that is shown by Holly and Robin who greet Bridget with a smile every time she enters therapy and then orders her the Tinkerbelle and Princess stickers for when she walks out.

Love–the kind that is shown when you drop a dollar in a guitar case on Main Street and the man weeps as he plays your favorite song

Love–the kind that is shown by Christine when I show her a new therapy technique I found and she replies this is her job not mine and then begins researching it with me.

Love–the kind that is shown by Lizzi whom I have never met and who lives an ocean away yet answered my call when I asked how to get a group of bloggers together for one issue 

Love–the kind that is shown by Martina when I say it’s Monday (on a Thursday night) and she knows to call me the next morning to make a date for margaritas.

Love–the kind that is shown by the man that stopped Bridget from running into the parking lot without judgement of my mothering skills but with a kind word that his son used to do the same thing.

Love–the kind that is shown by Jenn when I am worried and she replies, Jenn said…..

Love–the kind that is shown by Sue when I ask her advice and instead of giving me a quick reply meets me for a last minute 2 hour lunch.

Love–the kind shown by bloggers who are complete strangers but added their voice to mine for a discussion on responsible gun ownership. The bloggers who are not strangers who either wrote or shared just because I asked.

Love–the kind shown by Maureen when I say I don’t understand a test and she takes time out of her busy day to explain it to me in terms I understand.

Love–the kind that is shown by Angie who has raised a daughter that without prompting has taken Bridget under her wing at recess and included her without thought.

Love–the kind that is shown by the security guard who didn’t arrest us and smiled at us when Bridget for the FOURTH time managed to pull the emergency stop button in the elevator at Children’s.

Love–the kind shown by Jen when she calls you before the IEP meeting to make sure you are okay before you walk in and hugs you on the way out.

Love–the kind shown by Becky but know if you call her right now she will be at your door.

Love–the kind shown by Elaine when I stop by her office for a Fed Ex envelope and she wants to know about my life (the good, the bad and the t-shirt status)

Love–the kind shown by Missy when you are afraid to send your child to a birthday party and she (kindly) tells you Bridget is ready and it’s my fear not her ability holding her back.

Love–the kind shown by those who matter in accepting you as you are and not how you should be.

We all need love, in whatever form it arrives. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. Especially this week. I’ve been beyond lucky to collect the best friends. Don’t ever believe I do not appreciate all that you do or the love that you provide.

20 thoughts on “It’s love…

  1. Christine

    Ah Kerri, what a great TToT post. Your family is completely surrounded by love. I have no doubt you’re on their “people who show me love” lists, too.


  2. lrconsiderer

    You truly, genuinely are my favourite troll EVER, and for SURE Love wins. It absolutely does. And I’m so happy you’re surrounded by so much of it. It makes ALL the difference. *twinklysparklyhappydances, with glitter, all through your page* ❤


  3. myzania3350

    “Friends will be friends/ when you’re in need of love they give you care and attention/ … friends will be friends/ Right to the end”. That’s how that Queen song goes, isn’t it? I can think of more artists, too. There are so many songs written about friendship and the love in it.


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  5. Vince

    So many of the best demonstrations of love are the seemingly ordinary, everyday things. True love isn’t flashy and doesn’t draw attention to itself, as the points you make here show.

    Thanks for posting – you gave me a much-needed smile. 🙂



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