Bridget made a friend.

A for real friendship.

One not based on her IEP, her placement in a Special Education class.

A friendship not because her mom told her to be nice to the girl that’s not like the rest of the class.

Bridget made a friend on the playground in kindergarten.

A friend.

I texted the mom to say thank you. I said I was told that our girls were the BFFs of the playground. She responded: E thinks it’s awesome that Bridget plays with her, because Bridget “gets” her.

Bridget made a friend.

There is probably more to say, but my heart is currently overflowing.

Bridget made a friend.

Enough said.

13 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Emily

    Aww…I just love this. And I completely get how you feel. My dude texted me last night that he has plans with a girl from school (that’s a whole other thing) for Halloween night and I’m pretty thrilled about it.:) Yay for Bridget…looks like her kindergarten year is going to be just fine..more than fine!


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