Life has been a little chaotic lately. Okay, life has been a lot of chaos. Being a little stressed has made me a little forgetful.  So consumed with open house, I forgot that our house was out of milk. Worrying about juggling two jobs, I forgot that some of us in the house were out of underwear. I made cookies and forgot to put the eggs in them.

There are some moments that I hope I wish I could forget.

I wish I could forget the expression on my child’s face when I lost my temper because I could not, for one more moment, answer one more question.

I wish I could forget the urge to shake my child when she was in full temper mode. When she was hitting  her head and biting her hand because I would not let her have another snack. (I didn’t shake her, but the urge was real).

I wish I could forget the look of disappointment on my child’s face when I walked out the door to work, or a meeting, or a run, or anything other than spending time with her.

I wish I could forget the feeling of inadequacy when I made pasta with butter for the third night this week because I did not have time to go grocery shopping.

I wish I could forget the feeling of guilt when I dropped my child off to Extended Care because I had to work and that meant her day at school was longer.

Here is what I remember…

I remember the look of joy on my child’s face when I left work early and picked her up from school.

I remember how my child, in full temper mode, curled in my lap and let me ride the storm out with her.

I remember that pasta for dinner 3 nights this week is better than letting the children starve.

I remember that Bridget ran into Extended Daycare and met the teachers with a hug.

I remember that yes, I broke my child’s heart when my temper exploded. But I healed it when I put her to bed.

I remember that it is important not to forget when we fail but learn from those mommy fail moments. That yes, I forgot to put eggs in the cookies but they ate them anyway.

This is how I totally cheated when I Finished The Sentence, “The Things I’ve Forgotten…”

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4 thoughts on “Forgetting

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    There is no cheating in FTSF – all cheats are fair! So I’m told.
    I love this so much because I’ve felt all of those things. It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? How we parent, how we live, the choices we make? We can dwell on what we believe is a failure and let that fester, or we can see the positive in it and keep on going. The truth is that our kids won’t remember pasta with butter for dinner three times (or if it’s my kid, they will and it will be fondly) but they will remember the after school pickups and the games we played instead of spending time at the stove…all of that. Great post.


  2. Dana

    I think your take on the prompt was perfect – real, honest, and reflective of the struggles many parents face every day.

    I give you credit for making cookies at all – sometimes I just pour chocolate chips in a bowl and call it a day!



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