I’m thankful for more than wine

If we were sharing a glass of wine, I would tell you I am so very thankful…

I’m thankful that it has been over a year since Bridget’s hospitalization.

I’m thankful for the teachers who continue to be innovative, patient and kind in how they teach both my girls.

I’m thankful for the friends that live through the woods who are up for a last minute dinner (and better yet, provide it!).

I’m thankful for pancake breakfasts and late night texts.

I’m thankful for the child who has a great sense of humor, if not always a great sense of timing.

I’m thankful for the friend who knows how to thaw a frozen turkey 12 hours before I am supposed to put it in the oven.

I’m thankful for the brother-in-law that calls out of the blue to make sure I’m okay.

I’m thankful for the awesome job I have and the coworkers that come with it.

I’m thankful for the teacher who understands I will always be inappropriate in an IEP meeting but does her best anyway.

I’m thankful for the friend I haven’t seen in too long understanding that leaving Smartees on her front porch is my way of saying hi.

I’m thankful for a summer full of camping, bonfires and beaches.

I’m not thankful for this freaking cold weather.

I’m thankful for the nephews who come and stay overnight, just because they can.

I’m thankful for neurologist that I can call when concerned about Bridget who puts medical jargon in mommy-speak and never lets me panic.

I’m thankful for the husband who puts up with my volunteering and promise that I will just say no next time. Okay, I’ll try to say no.

I’m thankful for my villagers, the ones that are near and far.

I’m thankful that Bridget will eat a coffee cake that stuck to the pan and came out in four pieces.

I’m thankful for my unexpected life, no matter how often it tries to break me.

I’m thankful for these smiles, these beautiful girls that always make my heart grow two sizes too big.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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