Forget style, we are working on independence

It is easier, some days, to do things for Bridget rather than have her do it on her own. I know she needs to be independent. I understand that she should be able to put on her own clothes. I also concede that I need to get out of the house on time and it’s not worth the effort/tantrum/time to teach her how to dress herself.  I know I am undermining her success.

Her first grade classmates pick out their own outfits. This weekend I was determined to make a small step to helping Bridget becoming more like her classmates. My past excuse was Bridget’s dresser was old and she is unable to open the drawers. They are hard enough for me to open.  It’s overly large drawers were too deep for her to see what clothes she can choose to wear.  I purchased an inexpensive portable closet system that you could modify to any configuration.


No tools were needed and within an hour we had Bridget’s new “dresser”. One with doors she can open and set at her height. This has not helped in allowing her to make a choice, there is still too much to choose from. But by the end of the week, the choices become more limiting.


It’s not fancy. The wardrobe does not match anything in her room, but her room has never been coordinated. It’s not Chippendale and will never win a best home award. It is functional. I hope it works towards making her more independent.

I hope I learn to be more patient and give her a chance to choose a horribly mismatched outfit for school.

1 thought on “Forget style, we are working on independence

  1. K

    Yay for mismatched clothes and working towards independence! Adaptations are wonderful. ❤
    It's been a while since I've been over here, but you must have been on my mind, because I had a dream the other night in which we met up at Seafood Sam's. 😉 Miss you!



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