There are days…

When you live life with a child who faces many hurdles, there are times when they will make you worry and despair.

Then there are days like this, when they put a permanent smile on your face.

I’m at work and get a text from Abby. She is home babysitting her sister, and writes: looks like all the physical therapy is paying off.  The next text is this video:

First, I love that Abby’s sense of humor is so in-line with my own. Physical therapy is indeed paying off.  Second, I adore that she knew to send me the video so while I am at work feeling guilty I can know the girls are having fun on their stay-cation.  Third, I’m thinking dance moves might be a fun activity to put into her PT routine.

Last but not ever least, I am so very thankful that I have a lot more joy with Bridget (and her sister) than I ever have bad days. I am so happy that are days when you just have to shut up and dance!

And that there is video to remind me.


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