All kids have milestones that are not in the what to expect (not!) handbook.  New moms and dads dream about the first “momma”, the first fish caught and the first time their screaming newborn sleeps through the night.

There are however other milestones they are not aware of and some even I never expected.

  • The first time your child pees on you
  • The first time they say they sneak a box of donuts into their room and eat them while you are in the shower.  The entire box.
  • The first time they hop on one foot.
  • The first time they fit into your clothes and steal your flip-flops.
  • The first time they roll their eyes at you.
  • The first time they sit in the front seat and take command of the radio dial.
  • The first time they dress themselves and you let them go to school looking like a refugee.


  • The first time they say, “I’ve got boogers in my nose” with perfect articulation.
  • The first time they make their bed without you screaming asking.
  • The first time they play a prank, in this case pushing the dog into the pool.


  • The first time they break your heart with their tears.
  • The first time they mend your heart with their smile.
  • The first time you let them go on a sleepover.
  • The first time you let them go on a school bus.
  • The first time you see them running after the school bus and making it.


  • The first time you see them find their passion.
  • The first time they capture your heart.

I know I have more unexpected milestones to capture. It’s always a surprise and wonder. Some days it’s wondering where Bridget learned the word boogers other days and being surprised to find out she is correct, right before she wipes them on my shirt. It’s wondering where my flip flops are only to be surprised to see them on Abby’s feet as she chases after the school bus.

This life is full of wonder and surprises, but it’s not a PACS1 parents life.

It’s every parent’s life.


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