Welcome to life with Autism

Please note, I would never ask a therapist, teacher, ESP or doctor/nurse work during this unprecedented pandemic.  However something is happening to families whose child has special needs and we have to talk about it.  


I saw this on FaceBook the other day and felt it best described Autism Awareness Day:



Bridget lives on a routine. She does not understand why she is not going to the Y on Friday. She thinks she is on school vacation because the bus hasn’t come. She knows it is Thursday and is wondering why she does not have therapy. I’m lucky because she is not so rigid that this is causing a behavior (yet). She is used to our life which is generally barely controlled chaos. School was her savior because the routine never fluctuated.

It’s not an easy life, living with a child who has autism.  With the “social distancing” and the disruption to all of our routines, I’m beginning to understand how vital structure and routine are for Bridget. I’m hoping it will make me more patient and understanding as we navigate this new reality.

Well played Autism Awareness Month, well played.



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