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I’m thankful Kate didn’t run away

Ten Things of Thankful

For about six months now I have been stalking Kate from Another Clean Slate. If you don’t read her regularly, you should. It is so cool to see how I should have lived out my late 20’s early 30’s. You know, if I could have handled living in a city. And been a young, beautiful urban professional.

As many of you know, I’ve been signing up for 5k’s. So this week I am thankful that:
1. Kate answered my e-mail eons ago and rose to the challenge of doing a 5K with me.

2. That Kate finished her first 5k of this year. The bad part is she doesn’t think she did well. The awesome part is I know better. The race wasn’t that busy and she not only finished but finished looking as good as she had when she started.
Me, not so much.

3. That meeting a blog-friend in person is super scary, but turned out to be so comfortable. We seemed to pick up the conversation just as if we were e-mailing one another or reading her blog.

4. That David didn’t freak when I told him we were meeting another couple for the first time that I had never met in person. (He is kinda paranoid about the land of Blog)

5. That when Kate saw David & I for the first time dressed for the Mullet High-5 she didn’t tell Joe to lock the car doors and immediately drive away.

6. That David & I finished this race with our best time ever. 27 minutes. It really helped that the course was just about flat, the sun was hidden and the rain had stopped. Oh I am really thankful that the rain stopped an hour before race time.

7. David let me cross the finish line first this time. Even though he totally held back to run with me.

8. That my friend A landed 2nd place in our age-bracket. I was super proud of her. I finished 82 out of 180 runners. Definitely Kate and I were not last which is always my second goal next to just finishing.

9. The race ended with free beer (which I don’t drink David got two!). When I had my first sip of wine and Kate her first sip of beer she noticed it was only 10am. Neither of us judged so I feel thankful for that.


And last but not least, I am glad to say that sometimes things just work out. At our race this weekend Kate and Joe had to endure meeting a bunch of people they don’t know and everyone was just so happy to see one another. David & Joe got along great and they were not ‘strangers’ at all. I am not so sure I would’ve been that brave.

So, thanks to Kate for making my week!

For anyone who wonders why I was dressed so stylish…this is what the true Mullet Marathoners look like:

Oh and Kate, the next time we get together I a) promise not to make you run and b) will be dressed more appropriately!
One last thing, congrats to all my friends who participated in Buddy Walks around the Country today!

I did it!

After two weeks of “training” I did it. I managed to run a 5k and not be the last one across the finish line. My husband ran it with me. He did not train at all. Which makes me extremely jealous, as he never got out of breath.

The race started with motivation from the 19 year-old who organized the race to raise money for Crohn’s Disease. Mackenzie is a cool kid who has battled Crohn’s for the past three years. When she had to postpone starting college due to the disease instead of sitting back and feeling sorry for herself, she organized a 5k.

She is an inspiration for all children not to let illness, disease or hardship to defeat them. As she finished her speech she informed us that this was an “easy” 5k with just one hill. Oh, but it was a killer hill with a cemetery at the top if anyone couldn’t make it!

With those words of wisdom we were off! I started off with the pack, that quickly left me behind. David (thankfully) believes in leaving no man behind so he slowed to my pace. My goal? Keep the 80 year-olds behind me and not come in last.

That hill? It was after the first half-mile. As I am struggling to breathe running up the hill, David says: I know a short-cut. NO! I am not cheating, I am running this damn hill. Boo, in the stroller, is yelling RUN. Now in his defense he did offer to take over pushing her. But I was making a point and have way too much pride to give up.

Although I did slow to a walk. As we crested the hill, David encourages me to start running, after all it’s now down hill and we might be able to pass a couple of teenagers. We round the corner, Boo yelling ‘fast’ and me trying to breathe.

But we did it, we ran a 5k in under 38 minutes (okay, very close to 38, but it was under!).  There is rumor of a runner’s high. When the adrenaline starts to flow and all is peace and harmony.

I never found it.

This is what went through my mind as I ran (thought because I didn’t possess the energy to speak):

Boo really has to stop eating donuts and cookies
David knows way too many people in this town
What time does the Irish Pub open
The next time David jumps onto a staircase and shows off I hope he breaks his ankle
Crap, did I take a wrong turn
Boo screaming “I’m running” really isn’t helping
Does that girl in front of me know her ass is hanging out of her shorts
Why didn’t I know about the dress code for this race
Who can run in all that make-up
Boo please stop yelling FAST I’m doing the best I can
Where the hell is that runner’s high
How can David NOT be out of breath yet
Am I supposed to be listening to his stories
If I finish this I am so getting a burger and a glass of wine

HOLY CRAP There is the finish line!

Phew I’m not the last one across and I didn’t eat one bug