Trying to be teacher’s favorite…NOT

I know. I am supposed to want Boo’s teachers and classmates to treat her just like everyone else in the class.

Husband says that it is a good thing they are not excluding Boo. Me? I would (guiltily) like it if they would. I mean really after working all day and doing the after-hours therapy with Boo, cooking etc…should I really have to do homework? They know Boo cannot possibly do it!

Last week Boo was sent home with the letter bag. She was supposed to go around the house and find four things that started with the letter “A”. Come on people, how was she supposed to do that? So Allie had extra homework that night and had to help Boo find things that started with “A”. Here is what she put in the bag:

  • Picture of Allie
  • A from the alphabet puzzle
  • Apple (totally blowing the whole no food from home during class in the classroom policy)
  • Acorn

Then this week, what comes home? The SHARE bag (what we old folks used to call Show & Tell). Boo was supposed to bring in something she wanted to share. Really? Hey Boo what to do you want to share? Again, come on people! 

So mom of the year that I am….I found two of the most obnoxious things that Boo likes. Bubbles and a Car that you shake and then it vrooms around the room saying Thanks Homeboy from Cars2.   

Boo loves the car. She cannot work it, but she can shout SHAKE at the top of her lungs until you make it work. 

Being the fair, mother of the year that I am striving for I held up both for Boo to choose. She chose the car. Yes, I am laughing out loud picturing the teacher with 12 boys in her class wanting to shake the car and Boo yelling them on. 

I thought for SURE they wouldn’t send home another bag. But nope! Last night it was a letter bag for “B”. I’m sending in the bubbles….


Just wait until the  “W” bag comes home 🙂

5 thoughts on “Trying to be teacher’s favorite…NOT

  1. Big brother, Little sister.

    Hilarious! Gee they start homework early!!! We have that car too 😉 i love they have these expectations on Boo though 🙂 ( and you and Allie to help out!) . We have homework spelling every night and then a weekly task- lucky coop has wednesdays off for therapy and we do it then!


  2. Jaida

    Oh man. Last year Pacey's preschool teacher sent home Wednesday Notebooks, a type of journal that had a prompt each week for the kids to write/draw about. It was a joke for us. I freely admit I did it for him most weeks, and even when I had him do it, it was generally in the car on the way to school.

    I'm learning more about true inclusion as we go along (just kindergarten for now) and I believe that one tenet of successful inclusion is providing work that the student is capable of. I can see this becoming a battle going forward…


  3. Kristi Campbell

    Hahah GO YOU. (personally, I'd be angry that the teachers think us parents are stupid enough to think this is a group activity, just as I am angry when they send home “art projects” that I'm like “um yeah, really? MY kid made that?”) HAHH to you sending a real apple. GO YOU. ❤


  4. Melissa@Home on Deranged

    Gah! Homework! For babies! I wonder if any kid tried to bring in an ant for A? I can already tell my kids are going to want to bring the most random things they can locate around our house. And that's saying a lot.



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