On Fridays for 5-minutes I hop on the Lisa Jo Bandwagon and just write. Unedited, unrehearsed, just mind spewing to the keyboard.

Five Minute Friday

Today’s prompt: Listen

Listen to your gut. I hear so many parents of children who have special needs that do not follow their instincts. Do not believe just because some one has MD after their name it means they are smarter than you. You know your child from the moment you first feel them move inside you. You know when they first look at you. You know when they first hold your hand. You know when something is wrong before the doctors do. Listen and follow your mother’s instinct to protect their young.

Listen to your soul as it expands to include a love never imagined. When you first conceive friends will tell you that there is an automatic feeling of love. This isn’t always true. With Allie I was too nervous, it took a while to feel that connection. It was there, I just didn’t listen to my heart because I was too worried I was doing something wrong. Then one day I realized that my soul had grown from the love she gave to me. Then Boo came on and it grew again. Kind of like the Grinch who stole Christmas whose heart grew three times too big.

Listen to yourself. This week there has been a lot of blog posts about how woman perceive themselves. Those who think they are fat, those who think they are too skinny, those who worry about the message we are sending our daughters on what a woman should look like. But we should worry also about our sons. They too suffer from body image issues. So listen to how you describe yourself, and stop. Because your child is listening to you and transferring those thoughts to themselves

Listen to the moments of opportunity. Let yourself forget your own struggles and help some one who needs it. It may be as simple as educating a cashier at a grocery store that the word retard is not an adjective. It may be just stopping in an elevator and hugging a stranger who is having a hard day.

Listen to your children. Yes, it is so hard when they talk non-freaking-stop. But once in a while you may discover that they know more than you do. Listen how they stop and spy a spider web that is home to a fairy. Don’t you wish you could hear what they hear?

Listen to yourself, you might be amazed at how awesome you are.

Stop. Okay enough preaching. Go and enjoy the weekend!!!

6 thoughts on “Listen

  1. OhBoyMom

    I love this: “once in a while you may discover that they know more than you do.” I couldn't agree more…I do need to stop and listen to them more. Thank you for the reminder.


  2. RACHEL TaoOfPoop

    Why is it so hard to listen to our children? They are right there, but we often just tune them out. You are so right. They have so much to share with us, and they need to know we are listening! Beautiful. I always like what you do with these 5 minute posts!



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