You know that favorite song on the radio or one that wasn’t quite your favorite but then you hear it live and think….THIS IS IT. This is what the songwriter had in mind when they wrote this song. This song now means something to me. 

My friend Jen Kehl took my idea this week and is making all her DJ’s come up with mix-tapes of five songs you loved but blew you away when you saw them live. I think she did it so I wouldn’t mess up the topic this week.

My first concert was Barry Mannilow, with my mom and two of her friends. The fourth friend bailed at the last minute. I got to go, all dressed up and feeling beyond adult at age 12, go out to dinner with the ladies and order off the main menu. No kids menu tonight! 
To be at the concert and see these (in my 12-year old mind) OLD ladies dancing and screaming and wishing they were Lola….

I know I’m a dweeb. But that concert was the first time I saw my mom as not a mom. As a woman. One who had friends and a life outside our home that wasn’t always the happiest. When I heard this next Barry song, saw my mom’s tears and got it. I got that my mom was Susan. She was woman. She was proud and she was someone I should respect. Every time this song comes on the radio I think of her. In that moment. With her friends. And me, lucky enough to experience it.

Miranda Lambert. We saw her as an opening act for Toby Keith before she was famous. I had loved her from Nashville Star and was psyched to see her live. She rocked this song and David turned to me and became a country music fan. It might have been the gun powder or leather bustier.  

Regular readers of this blog understand that, to me, life should be a Buffet song. The thing is Jimmy’s studio albums…well they aren’t the best. I mean they are okay, really. But until you see him live you have no freaking idea what you are missing. And his covers? I was never a Dead fan…but fell in love with this song Jimmy did live.

Last but not least….another Buffet song. Jimmy can work a crowd for sure. I hope you can find that Particular Harbor and it gets you through the week….

Thank you, my friend, Jen Kehl for letting me do the prompt this week. Oh and if you have a chance check out her son Isiah’s blog. Seriously the kid will blow you away!!!

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