Ten things I’m Thankful

Life sometimes sucks the life right out of you. I was thinking when I first wrote my “14” post that being 14 really wasn’t too great. It was hard, life was not a Hallmark moment. Yet once I really thought about 14, I realized it wasn’t always perfect but it wasn’t always torture. In fact, looking back I would say it was 10% hard and 90% blessed. I just didn’t realize it at the time.

Lizzi from Considerings dedicates each Saturday to concentrate on what made life a little easier this week. Her belief is that concentrating on the good stuff of the previous week starts the coming week off right. So let’s concentrate on that 90% blessed for a moment and throw the 10% to the curb where it belongs.

Today I am thankful for….

Bridget’s Autism Angels, the ones mentioned and the ones not. Here is the official Spin list…so not going to forget anyone so just know you are on the list 🙂

Having a friend since I was 14 and her still hanging around 30 years later.

Going to LTYM Boston rehearsal this morning, the in-laws that are watching the girls so I can attend and most importantly the after-rehearsal lunch. (By the way, have you purchased your tickets? Come see some terrific women tell their life stories. You will not be disappointed).

Sunday I will be running in my first ever 10k. My friend Lauren and I signed up last fall when we had accomplished more than one 5k. Then the snow came. We haven’t run since. If you see me hobbling on Monday you will know why. Yet I find I am thankful that I can run, when others cannot. That I can run along side a friend, one I admire and will spend the morning laughing with is the icing. I’ve gone from what was I thinking to actually running in the rain. Yes, I became that person.

Bridget’s Challenged Youth swim group. I am so very thankful for the YMCA and their instructors. Most of whom have no training in dealing with our children who have disabilities. Yet each week they jump into the pool and provide guidance, safety and most importantly slam dunks.


That the Easter Bunny went away without notice. Abby just thanked us for her basket. Never mentioning or asking about the bunny.  All she cared about was the egg hunt. Though this does make me question our December conversation.

I am thankful that while my husband might drive me crazy on a regular basis, he also makes my days brighter and my nights less stressful. It does help that he works a lot.  It also helps that there are moments like this in my life to not take things so seriously.

Tinkerbelle didn't stand a chance

Tinkerbelle didn’t stand a chance

That there are companies like Microsoft who understand that autism doesn’t mean unemployable.

Last, but not least….For the friend that paid it forward to ME this week. Completely unexpected and appreciated.  Please know that I value you and your friendship. My life is so enriched with you and your gorgeous daughters.

See I told you, life is really 90% fantastic if you focus on it. It doesn’t mean life doesn’t suck the life out of me. It just means I am determined to remember the good.

Happy Saturday everyone!


6 thoughts on “Ten things I’m Thankful

  1. lrconsiderer

    HOW did I miss that you’re in LTYM? That’s awesome. WELL DONE YOU. I’m glad. More people should hear your story.

    Loved reading about the instructors at the swimming pool who help her to slam-dunk, and who don’t worry too much about treating her as anything other than BRIDGET 🙂


  2. Christine

    That photo of the chain-sawed piñata is hysterical. Reminds me of my dad and uncles trying to fit my grandma’s new tv in her built-in cabinet. Sometimes, a chain saw is the only solution. 😉

    Hope you are doing alright today after that run. Good for you, tackling new challenges.

    So excited for you, that you are in LTYM. You will rock that show!



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