I was holding her back.

My mother-in-law moved in about a month ago.  In doing so we had to realign the bedrooms in the house. She moved into Bridget’s room (first floor) and we moved Bridget to a smaller room upstairs.  Bridget only needs a bed and a dresser. In truth her bedroom was the guest room with a toddler bed in it.

I realize Bridget isn’t a preschooler anymore. She really isn’t little anymore. She is nine and some of my actions I’ve been keeping her a baby. I’ve been working on not always picking her up, making her walk. I’ve done better about helping her get dressed instead of dressing her because it is faster and more efficient. I have started letting her brush her teeth and then do a quick scrub afterwards.  I’ve started having her bring her plate to the counter, rather than just having Abby clearing the table.

When we were relocating Bridget to another room I hoisted up her toddler bed and had an epiphany.

Toddler bed.

We have a beautiful twin bedroom set that was stored at my mother-in-laws. It had to be moved with the selling of the house. She had asked me if she was to sell the set or would I finally take it for Bridget.  “She still fits in the toddler bed” was my reply.  This is true, but what if I was subconsciously keeping her there? In that small bed, not trusting her to move into the big girl bed.

I was inadvertently keeping her a toddler, not encouraging her to be a big girl. I took a deep breath, told my mother-in-law that the twin set was moving to my house and set up Bridget’s new room.


Bridget took one look at the bed and demanded her old bed (and bedroom back).   Sigh. It took a couple of bedtimes until she stopped asking for her old bed. Now she hangs out there on weekend mornings. She does look so little in the bed.

But she is in a big girl bed and hasn’t fallen out once.  I should probably remove the gym mat underneath it and trust her to be a big girl.

Anyone need a toddler bed?

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