It gets less scary because she has a village

Bridget starts 4th grade today.

It’s crazy to me, but this year I am not scared. I’m lucky because this year her classmates include her hero Jake, a friend since preschool, her best buddies S & A who have included her in their group since 2nd grade and other true friends that look out for her. She gets invited to playdates and birthday parties, not because they have to but because they want Bridget to be with them.

Last year Bridget was made fun of by typical peers and her friends not only stood up for her they protected her. As she gets older I know it gets scarier thinking of how mean children can be. Yet watching Bridget with her friend Charlie, watching a friend see Bridget at the park or store and see the genuine friendships she has developed over time.

Thank you to the parents who have raised such incredible young people. To the bullies look out, Bridget’s friends will not tolerate anything less than acceptance for her. It is a lot of responsibility, being Bridget’s friend. It’s not easy, which makes me value her friends and their parents.


I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes this year, with her friends by her side.



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