I made a mistake

Two apologies in one week? Nope! Jen over at Twisted Mix Tuesday wants a playlist for the time she I made a mistake. And she covered herself by saying it doesn’t have to be in love, cause there are all types of mistakes after all. 

Generally a mistake happens not because you did something wrong but because you got caught. Seriously, would Bill Clinton ever have apologized if not for a blue dress? Here is my list of you should’ve known better before you needed to confess to your parents, your spouse, your nation and/or your God.

The Dixie Chicks stepped in it. Not for having their view but for having the nerve to say their view in a foreign country thereby offending every one of their base. You know, the ones that buy the records (they are still called records, right?). It didn’t help that this would have been a non-issue had our next gentleman made sure everyone knew about it.

Tobey, Tobey, Tobey….I like your music. You have one of the best concerts ever. But please remember, you are a musician not a politician. This song proves your depth, your feeling and why you are the way you are. Knowing that you wanted to reach out one more time to a friend. Priceless. That you were honest enough to say you were crying more for yourself? We’ve all been there.

Madonna probably had more songs about mistakes in the 80’s & 90’s than most of us in our lifetime. Papa Don’t Preach was great because it had Danny Aiello, who I wanted to be my dad in the worst way in the 80’s. Who didn’t after Moonstruck?  But it was also the song that any girl who ever found herself ‘in that way’ felt. That they probably were due the lecture but needed the support.

This is officially the biggest mix-upped tape I have ever compiled. I’ve covered Nation, God and Dad. Now about that spouse:

Elton, oh he could say sorry without saying it at all. Oh and there should be one last mistake song. As in a mistake this song was written, performed and put onto the internet:

Come on now, I dare you to use that as a pick-up line.  How about you? What is your song that says oops you did it, again?

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