Got my motivation….

The DJ Jen needs some songs to get motivated. It is hard enough to motivate myself yet I am there for a friend in need. But motivated for what? That is where I struggled. Then I listened to some really bad radio.

So Jen, here are the five songs guaranteed to motivate me to change the station!

What does the Fox say? Even my 10 year old hates this song. Luckily for me she knows the first few chords (are they chords?) and will alert me to change the station now? One day in the car I didn’t change fast enough and when it said What does the Fox say? Abby replied: Look out….it’s hunting season.

I have no idea why this next song bugs me so bad. But in the 80’s until today at noon when it came on again it just makes my stomach clench.

This should be a rule. If you are going to remake a song, make sure you can kill it. In the good way. Like Jimmy Buffet did with Scarlet Begonias or Southern Cross. Do not try to recreate perfection, fail and then put it on my radio.

I love Christmas music. I truly love it and would listen to it all year round if that wouldn’t make me a candidate for intervention. But some songs just don’t make sense. First I don’t even know what figgy pudding is. Second if you are going to demand it before you leave trust me something will be stuck up your nose. It might not be figgy pudding. Seriously think of the lyrics…it is the Christmas Stalking Song as Dr. Doofenshmirtz rightly proclaims.

And last but not least the song that has Abby & I screaming Change the Station NOW!!! If anyone tries to blur the lines with my daughter? Well, boyfriend hunting season should be year round!

This has been a motivation mix-tape for the wonderful Jen Kehl. Be sure to visit the other DJ’s and get motivated!

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