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Losing Innocence

I knew 5th grade would be tough. I expected her to grow-up a little more. I expected her to gain some independence, start moving away from Barbies and Fairies to explore more of real-life heroes.

I expected this to change due to society. From her friends and classmates who seem to be growing up so much quicker than she seems to be. I did not expect her to lose the shine of innocence doing a Social Studies Project. Continue reading

I’m thankful for the GAP

Words I never thought I would utter. But truly, I am thankful for the GAP. Ellen at Love that Max  posted a picture on Facebook of the latest GAP add. Giving them a shout out for including a girl with cerebral palsy.

I had to blow up the add to the full-view to find her.

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31 for 21

I have been blogging for about four years now. In my first year my friend Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes began hosting the 31 for 21 challenge. Although Boo doesn’t have Down Syndrome she has a lot of friends that do.  I have participated for the past three years and will do so again this year. 

And this year I am starting on time, so bonus points!
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